Styling and Context Menus


Above is an image showing two instances of MySmalltalk running side-by-side.

On the left is MySmalltalk running as a Chrome desktop application which was loaded from the local file system. On the right is MySmalltalk running in a Safari browser and was loaded from the site. Both are running the exact same Smalltalk code.

In the past few days, there have been several updates:

  • the server now supports user login and registration
  • the server now support images owned by users
  • widgets can now be styled (desktop background above as an example)
  • widgets can now have context menus

The latest desktop version can be downloaded here:

This is the roadmap for the next couple of weeks:

  1. support for multiple images owned/shared by users
  2. real-time messaging (sending objects) using
  3. mobile widgets and applications
  4. HTML editor

I will enable registration on the server later this week.


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