User Library Browser


Image above shows a simple user library browser.

On the server, I have added the ability to store “public user libraries”.

A public user library is owned by a single user but can be accessed by anyone on the site.

This will be mainly used for sharing class libraries (tools, games, etc) and documentation.

Also, I have added various additional Smalltalk methods to the Array, OrderedCollection, and Server classes. In particular, the “select:” and “collect:” methods for collections are very useful in transforming server data into building tables for browsing.

Yesterday, I managed to get working with channels and rooms. So, by next week we may be able to set up some online games and chat windows.

Finally, I have added a bit more functionality to the HTML5 “Canvas” widget for graphics.

Since everything is an object (this is Smalltalk after all), it should be very easy to combine graphics, instant messaging with objects, and the various UI widgets into some interesting user experiences.


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