Sending Smalltalk Objects Through Socket Connections


In the image above:

  • on the left is a MySmalltalk desktop application
  • in the center is MySmalltalk in a Chrome browser
  • on the right is MySmalltalk in a Safari browser

The three different instances are communicating through real-time socket connections.

In the example above, I am sending Smalltalk block objects through the socket connections – the blocks are then evaluated when they are received.

The block that I sent for the test was:

[100 timesRepeat: [:x | (x * x) prn]. TicTacToeWindow open]

The block was sent from the desktop application and was executed in both browser windows almost immediately,

This is now available online at the main site:

1) open a workspace (right click on desktop for context menu).

2) X := Socket blockTest

3) X send: [‘Hello world’ prn]

You need to open separate browser windows, not tabs, for testing.

Sockets can now support channels ( namespaces) and I will be adding “rooms” in the next few days.

The socket communication system works across all instances of MySmalltalk – mobile, browser, and desktop applications.

There will be some user created online games available over the coming weeks.


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